About Cajun Redhead
Cajun Redhead Original Season All
You'll never forget an original redhead

The concept of Cajun Redhead started as a family discussion. We wanted to create a unique spice and brand that everyone across the country would come to recognize and love. With a degree in culinary arts and 10 years as a professional chef, cooking is a big part of our lives. Friends, relatives and guests have always complimented the cooking so we got our creative juices going to come up with a catchy name. We finally decided on the name Cajun Redhead. Why Redhead? A real Cajun redhead is rare and the name fits our seasoning. We soon developed the logo and tagline and began producing our signature cans of seasoning.

Cajun Redhead Seasonings is healthier than most other options. Most seasonings and canned groceries contain more than the daily allowance of sodium intake. We stay true to the Cajun way of cooking with quality ingredients and great flavor but reduce the amount of sodium as compared to leading competitors. We created our season all with only 8% sodium which is almost 50% less than most competitors.

We created Cajun Redhead Seasonings to take the guess work out of what seasoning to use with meals. We blended our season and tried it on all kinds of food until we got it perfect. Cajun Redhead Season All is good on meat, pasta, salad, potatoes, vegetables in fact everything you eat. We are passionate about cooking because it is important to celebrate food. It is the one time where families, friends and colleagues take time to relax and gather, laugh, and share life experiences. The celebration of food and family is a tradition that goes back thousands of years and will continue for many more.

From our family kitchen to yours, thank you for purchasing and be sure to stay tuned for new products on the web.